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Arlington va dating scene

According to the website, Arlington boasts high percentages of female college graduates (69 percent) and women with high incomes (49 percent).When asked about it on the streets of Clarendon, many young members of both genders seemed to agree with the ranking.For some, dating across the river is apparently a bridge too far. So far what happened to rip these love birds apart?It’s a familiar refrain for some Arlingtonians: boy meets D. girl, girl learns he lives across the river, girl ghosts. resident Tim tweeted that “everything was perfect” between him a girl after going on a dates at a D. “She strongly encouraged our 4th date be in […] Ballston,” he wrote.“Ladies never go to Arlington for any guy, you’re better than that,” she tweeted later.Then again, the replies on Twitter made it clear that Arlingtonians aren’t exempt from eschewing dates from the opposite bank of the Potomac, either.But the matchmakers say there is hope for the ones willing to go the distance. While recovering from a medical procedure, the man met a woman from Herndon and fell in love. Jacoby not only knew her, she had wanted to match them. is, and how work-focused we all are, convenience can be the key to making it work in a difficult dating scene.” “I’m actually heading out for my third date since Wednesday,” Rosalyn told me this weekend.I just met a guy who lives in NW DC, who crosses the bridge to Courthouse frequently. “I just had to time to kill and I like long walks, so I figured why not,” he said. “He wouldn’t let me match her with him because of the location, even though I knew they would be a good match,” she said. “So no, I’m not worried.” Then again, it doesn’t always work out for willing commuters, either.

Is there any hope for those looking for love in the retrocession of District of Columbia? “Everyone I work with is serious about relationships and are willing to go the extra mile.While Arlington is home to plenty of locations to mingle and date, some people think Arlington’s population could use a little more variety.Last week, released a list that ranked Arlington as the best place for successful, educated, single women.‘Ladies never go to Arlington for any guy’ This squares with the transportation woes that several D. residents cited when retelling their stories over social media messages this past week. There is no way that I would like anyone enough to keep going out there,” said Rosalyn, 34, who lives in Northeast D. She told ARLnow she once had a second date scheduled in Arlington “to do him a favor since the commute to D. is something he always had to do.” “I took a Uber there only to be stood up and had to take a Uber back,” she lamented.“Honestly anytime I meet someone and they want to have a date anywhere but D. Tannenbaum noted that traveling this distance over Metro can sometimes take close to an hour.

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Whatever you like, you can find it, and once you get it, you have to hold on to it.” Even on a rainy Wednesday night, Spider Kelly’s was still bustling with people eating dinner and playing pool, the picture of a vibrant singles scene.