Are andy and erin dating on the office

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Finally through the whole gut wrenching season 7 sub plot of Andy, Gabe and Erin; Erin breaks up with Gabe during Michael's last Dundies, and finally it's over.Andy and Erin can get together, and let them make cute random jokes as a sub plot and we can forget about them as anything more then a cute office romance in the office, right? Andy comes back in season 8 with Jessica, and that is what did it. Everyone that came with that plot with Andy being the manager, and having a girl friend.Coincidentally, the episode you called out was either the second to last or last episode I was able to force myself to watch.The first 5 seasons were gold (aside from the Cafe Disco episode), 6 was okay, 7 was better (aside from Will Ferril), 8 was terrible (except for 4 great episodes, I think they were 15-18 or 16-19, I only saw them once so i'm not 100% positive).

Of course, they were rarely the focus of the series. And when she's with Gabe, well, he's creepy in an entirely different way and that felt weird, too.

Meanwhile, Andy tries to make Nellie's life miserable, and Angela tries to get rid of one of her cats.

After Roy's wedding, Jim and Pam wonder if they still have any secrets they're hiding from each other.

Making him and Erin a Jim/Pam or Michael/Holly was a dumb move. It's when Andy tried so hard to get her in Season 8... The whole Erin and Andy thing was definitely one of the low points of the series, imo.

then turned around and left her and she dumped him in season 9. Both Erin and Andy individually have good moments but it was really hard for me to like them as a couple. So when their story monopolized everything for a stretch, I found it a hard slog.

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Bringing it back to what you were saying, this is what's wrong with American TV.