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However, the trial's next hearing was in March 2013, where Amanda was ordered to stand for the murder case by the final courts of Italy.

The High-Court of Italy overturned the decision in March 2015, and she was released from the prison on 27 March.

In a magazine interview in October he said he could not wait to see his former girlfriend and to discuss the "hellish whirl" that had led to their four years of wrongful incarceration.

"We have so many things to say to each other after spending four years in a hellish whirl which crushed us and caused us indescribable suffering and nearly ruined our lives," he told Oggi (Today) magazine.

He also said that Miss Knox had been unfairly criticised for buying a G-string, rather than more conservative underwear, in the days after the murder, when police refused to allow her back into the house she shared with Miss Kercher to retrieve her clothing and belongings.

Her family maintained throughout the trial and subsequent appeal that she was unfairly portrayed as manipulative and sex-obsessed and subjected to a devastating character assassination on the basis of her good looks.

While writing the review in May 2015, she was reportedly engaged to a mysterious guy but later called off their wedding. However, she made her public only on 5 October 2016 when she updated her Facebook relationship and revealed that she is dating her novelist boyfriend since 13 February 2016.

In the picture, Amanda and her partner bids goodbye to their first home.However, Rudy is still serving his 16 years of prison service.After spending some horrific years, inside the prison, Amanda is in a relationship with her author boyfriend, Christopher Robinson. Back then, she already had reviewed his novel, War of the Encyclopaedists.Claudio Pratillo Hellmann, the judge who presided over their year-long appeal, released a 144-page explanation for why he acquitted Miss Knox and Mr Sollecito, as he is required to do under Italian law.He said it was wrong that the American had been portrayed negatively for practising yoga and performing cartwheels as she waited to be questioned over the murder.

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