Abusive intimidating

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Abusive intimidating

Work in this private and hidden-away field is far less regulated, which leads to unlivable working conditions for the domestic care workforce.

On the Texas-Mexico border, the domestic care workplace is flooded with chronic abuse.

OSHA implemented an anti-bullying policy for its own employees in 2011.

Although OSHA has not set down specific standards for workplace violence in other organizations, its own OSHA's internal policies include definitions of intimidation and workplace violence, including actions that might "frighten alarm or inhibit" others.

Twenty-seven percent of undocumented domestic workers said they were yelled at and 12 percent had been physically hurt.

And six percent of elder care workers faced sexual assault.

Women who have been sexually assaulted but couldn’t speak up out of fear of their immigration status being used against them.” A 2016 report by NDWA documented that 48 percent of domestic workers surveyed across 14 metropolitan areas are paid an hourly wage that is below the level needed to adequately support a family.

Twenty-nine percent of the total population surveyed feared their hours would be cut, and 26 percent of undocumented workers believed that their complaints would be met with violence.

Eight percent of the workers surveyed, reported that an employer told them they could not leave their job if they wanted to, while 6 percent of the total reported than an employer kept their passport, visa or other immigrations papers.

The 2018 study concludes that living conditions are even worse in the borderlands for domestic workers than nationally.

Thirty-six percent of the total population surveyed reported that in the past 12 months someone in their house went hungry, compared to 20 percent of national respondents.

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Workers at any type of organization should be aware of Occupational Safety & Health Administration, or OSHA, rules.

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